Friday, May 20, 2011

The WEIRD ART of "PULPS" 1974 French Fantasy Zine

This one's for Bhob and Drags ...

Attention Virgil Finlay fans! A nice find from a comic shop last year, "PULPS" is a lavishly printed pro-zine that concerns itself with Pulp, Fantasy and SF art. This is the only issue I've seen; the words are generally scarce and the art is all very wonderful and reproduced amazingly.

Click to enlarge all of these, but this remarkable Wally Wood drawing requires extra attention.

There's a very brief Archie Goodwin interview in this issue, and this very, VERY cool candid shot of Goodwin in his office. Archie Goodwin has a long list of credits that benefited comics and fandom, but he's best know to the Freedom School for editing CREEPY and EERIE, as well as writing a large bulk of their content.

Virgil Finlay tends to not disappoint, and the above drawings are superb examples of his best work at the time.

The two pages above are by "Marilac", whom I gather is a French 40's pulp illustrator. Great work, with a tinge of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" in some of these. I also assume "Marilac" was a fan of American pulps and artist Hannes Bok.

-Mike Hunchback

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


At this point I have so much Pulp Art that I haven't yet had the time to post, so doing quick posts of art from single issues of things seems like a good idea - these are great 60's illustrations by Lee Brown Coye and Virgil Finlay from the April 1963 issue of AMAZING STORIES. Enjoy, and click to enlarge please!

Wonderful Coye back cover ...