Tuesday, December 22, 2009


COVERS! Well, and some inside covers and a splash page. I've been toting these beauties around for a while and finally scrambled together this post for all of you. The above is without question one of my personal favorite covers - a girl and an octopus IN LOVE, getting caught kanoodling - brilliant! It's actually the back cover of the great anthology book BIZARRE SEX, issue #3. Click all to enlarge!

Irresistible full color cover by Richard Corben.

Killer splash page for WEIRDOM #15 also by Richard Corben ... I wanna go there!

HAHAHA, Christmas ham for everyone! Back cover of WEIRDOM #15, by John Williams.

I love these, the cover to GORY STORIES # 2 1/2 (by John Pound) as well as the inside cover (by Steve Starr, whose work I do not know of besides this).

Cover to BOGEYMAN #3 by Jaxon, the back cover and inside of the back cover by Gregory Irons.

It simply doesn't get more wild than BOGEYMAN. Rory Hayes, who gets as much credit as Mr. Lee Brown Coye here at FSR, edited this masterwork that lasted three issues (the first totally written and illustrated by Hayes - I plan to post it in it's entirety eventually). No one in the Underground Comix scene was as detached or as obsessed with Horror as Hayes was, and in this image, from BOGEYMAN #3's inside cover, you can see what I mean.