Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So here they are, my paperbacked spoils from Gryphon Press' wonderful Paperback Expo.- There's some real gems of literature here - and some real smut! Here at Freedom School Records we don't discern between the two, so often they're the same thing! Plus everything here grabs me graphically. Above you see a decently rare Bart paperback of Lovecraft Tales - I've wanted one for a while, so when I found this in rough shape for cheap I had to have it. The cover is really great - I wish I know who the artist was. Below is the Avon paperback of HPL with another amazing painting .

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My good friend Miriam has been telling me about this book forever, I was so glad to finally find one. The following etchings (right?) are found within - sorry for the blurs in some of these, it was the best I could do without hurting the book. Film fans take note - "HAXAN" director Benjamin Christensen directed a silent version of this A.A. Merritt terror classic!

Here's an issue of Avon Fantasy Reader that I didn't have. Mr. Bhob Stewart over at Potrzebie.blogspot.com hipped me to this title a while back - thanks Bhob! I'm sure the young males who bought this in the 50's all said the same thing when they saw this cover - "Wowww! Another Nelson Bond story!"

Here it is, my first printing of "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson! In REALLY bad shape. It's my favorite novel of course, and if you HAVEN'T read it, sign offline NOW, leave your house, go to a bookstore, buy one, and don't use the internet again until you've read it. I couldn't be more serious.

Charles Addams is my kind of philosopher.

These incredibly funny strips by MADman genius Al Jaffee are available in a hardcover now.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Art by the inimitable Matt Fox

Wow! Yesterday was the 21st Annual NYC Collectible Paperback and Pulp Fiction Expo, held by the wonderful folks over at Gryphon Books. The dealers and crowd of this show are top notch; everyone I met was so nice, and fascinating to talk to. It was an absolute blast and of course I picked up a huge stack of graphically stupefying oddities that I can't wait to scan and share with all of you. I got some wild Lovecraft paperbacks, a copy of "Seven Footprints to Satan" (finally), a bunch of vintage adult paperbacks (with REALLY great covers) and even some original ECs, including a Canadian "Haunt of Fear" which is MY FIRST ORIGINAL EC horror comic! (I have a nice smattering of original EC SF titles, but no horror) ... I also picked up the INCREDIBLE Emshmiller book from Non-Stop Press and got to meet what we consider a SAINT over here at Freedom School Records, author Luis Ortiz, who penned "Arts Unknown" which lovingly tells the story of our hero Lee Brown Coye, as well as reproduces an amazing array of Coye artwork. "Arts Unknown" is currently available from Non-Stop Press - ORDER ONE TODAY - you will not be disappointed.

So while I work on that I wanted to upload just a few random tidbits that probably wouldn't ever end up in their own post. I also felt like posting because so many of my favorite blogs (Potrzebie, The Horrors of it All, Atomic Caravan, Funny Cute, JohnKStuff) are always so hard at work posting crazy-cool stuff. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!

Great late period (1950's) Virgil Finlay. I love the detail in his full color paintings!

Superb 50's EMSH!

Art by Dick Shelton, whom I'd like to know more about.