Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Weird Gold", or "Antique Sideshow"

My friend Miriam has a philosophy (in the form of a question) - "How can anyone really think that everything's been done, seen and heard?" And it's true - the internet will never catch up, try as it might. The antithesis of her philosophy exists of course because there's people out there who'd rather be in control and keep a status quo even in the underground. The very moment one gives into this insidious closed-mindedness he or she dis-invites the possibility to discover all the the incredible shit that IS out there in the world. It's never-ending, and that's a damn fact - but you have to look for it!

Click on all of these (as well as everything on my blog here) to see a super huge (nearly perverse!) version of the scan.

I love this sheet music illustration, wonderfully representing a tone that Richard Sala seems to have no problem tapping into.

A Monster-clad Halloween give-away bag. I missed out on the "2 Monsters 1 Super Toy Plus Candy" though.

These are spectacular iron-ons and hang in Craig's and my apartment right under the original Mike Diana cover art for "Pray for Scars". They were in new condition because the guy I bought them off of had store stock! Talk about a score.

I've seen a whole mess of different sets of those eyes, which were give-aways with Butter-Nut Bread. The three eyed madman at the bottom there is one of a set of collectible circular cards from 1960's Japan. I'm fairly ignorant of that world so I don't have any other info, but if anyone does it would be quite welcome.

All too rare is the meeting of the Gothic and the Psychedelic; but there's decent tinges in the Corman/Poe/Price masterpieces. Lancer published these book "adaptations" in the 60's and really gave them a gloriously cheesy and bright psych feel. I need the other titles!

This slightly sinister wizard is the other side of the Witch mask that started us off. Wonderful art on both of them, I have a feeling it could've been a known comic artist doing some commercial work but no hunch who. Mr. Bhob Stewart, any leads?